About the 1. Badminton Club of Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim

For more than a decade, the 1. Badminton Club of Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim has been dedicated to competitive sport in the state capital of Saarbrücken, in both active and youth divisions. To date, the club has won numerous titles and championships at the regional, national and international level, with the goal of winning even more titles. By organising the World Gold Grand Prix Tournament, the HYLO® Open, at the Saarlandhalle in Saarbrücken, the club has created an important tournament in the Saar-Lor-Lux region and it has become established among the world’s best after more than two decades of extensive development work.

The three pillars of popular sport, youth promotion/development and competitive sport make the club the vibrant force that it is. Through its various membership schemes, targeted projects and collaborations with schools, the club aims to attract new members across many levels. Our goal is to make badminton a fascinating and life-affirming sport across all age groups that is particularly easy to learn at a successful club such as the 1. BCB.

The club also takes on unusual challenges such as the “Children from the Street” project in which the club attempts to bring together young people beyond cultural boundaries through integration under the umbrella of sports. The positive resonance and the successful implementation of this project justify the innovative attitude of the club and encourage all members to come up with other new ideas. Creating understanding is a core task.

The club’s work is something we’re all passionate about. The carefully selected team of trainers at the BCB is particularly important for us. It is this team’s job to try to bring as much joy to exercising with the flying birdies as possible, no matter the age group. These qualified trainers work in different training groups with the pupils and young people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for fun or it’s more competitive, we support every player based on their abilities and interests so they never lose their enjoyment of the sport.

Badminton Academy

The Badminton Academy Saar offers training for players from Saarland, Germany and around the world at the highest level, and for many it’s much more than just badminton training. Youth and active division members get strength training coaching from specialists, get regular physiotherapy and massages, and psychological and nutritional counselling. The training times are designed to work around school and university schedules. Our partner school is “Gymnasium am Rotenbühl” secondary school. Accommodation and catering are available for our national and international members at the Hermann-Neuberger Sports School, where all of the training units and academy activities take place.

As a city with a university, Saarbrücken offers numerous educational opportunities and is close to embassies. This means visa applications can be processed quickly and efficiently.

Top Achievements

  • 17 years as an ambitious national league team
  • Nine-time German team champions (2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19)
  • European Cup winners, 2010
  • Members on the Olympic team
  • Members on the national team