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Anita Raguwaran

Anita Raguwaran is a Saarland-based boccia player who has already proven her skill countless times. Her team colleague Boris Nicolai inspired her interest in this precision sport. The pair met at a rehab clinic in 2015, where Nicolai taught her the game, and it quickly became clear that Raguwaran had talent. She subsequently began club training at BRS Gersweiler-Ottenhausen. Since then, she has had various sporting successes – including an astonishing win over Slovakia in the pairs competition at the 2022 World Boccia Championships in Rio de Janeiro. This was also Germany’s first pairs win in the history of boccia. The teamwork between Raguwaran and Nicolai is a fantastic example of how team spirit and perseverance can bring success.


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  • Year of birth1990
  • ClubBRS Gersweiler-Ottenhausen e.V.
  • ClassBC4
  • Disciplineindividual and pair
  • Disabilitymuscular dystrophy
  • Professionassistant doctor in radiology

Sporting successes

European Championships, 5th place, individual
Challenger Zagreb, 3rd place, individual
Challenger Zagreb, 2nd place, pair
Rio de Janeiro World Championships, 5th place, individual
World Cup, 1st place, pair
Challenger Rome, 2nd place, individual
European Championships, 5th place, pair
World Championships, 4th place, pair
European Championships, 10th place, pair

As well as tactics and coordination, the sport also needs a focussed field of view. HYLO® helps me consistently perform at my best.

– Anita Raguwaran

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Anita Raguwaran FAQs

At the start of the game, a white ball called a ‘jack’ is thrown onto the court. The players then try to position their balls as close as possible to the white jack. Throwing, shunting or rolling down a ramp are permitted. The team or player receives a point for each ball that is closer to the jack than their opponent’s closest ball.

Boccia is very inclusive and can be played by people with various disabilities. The sport is also open to people with visual impairments, who have a touch board that displays the course of the game.

Each player uses six leather balls of varying hardnesses and surface types. The balls weigh 275 grams (+/- 12 grams) and have a circumference of 270 mm (+/- 8 mm).

Boccia is played as an individual, pair or team (three versus three). On an international level, players are split into four classes according to the athletes’ individual impairments. Athletes in two of the four classes are supported by assistants who carry out their instructions. The team events only have a mixed category, but men and women compete separately in the individual events.

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