Mijajlo Marsenic (Füchse Berlin #93)


Füchse Berlin celebrated an unchallenged home victory against Bergischer HC at midday on Sunday. During the 32-17 (14:8) match in front of an audience of 2,875 Hans Lindberg (8) was the biggest goal scorer for Füchse, Dejan Milosalvjev was impressive with 17 saves in 45 minutes.

Both teams needed a few minutes to find their way into the game. After the 1-0 from Mijajlo Marsenic (2nd minute) it took until the fifth minute of the game before Hans Lindberg scored to make it 2-2. But from now on, the Füchse defence got better and better, which was in part due to Viran Morros, who skilfully organised his supporting players. And at the back, the Serbian Dejan Milosalvjev stood his ground, holding a total of 52 per cent of the balls in the first half. But let’s say this much: the quota got even better. So only six more attempts by Bergischer HC went into the Füchse goal before the break. With the return of Fabian Wiede in the 20th minute, there was also a breath of fresh air in attack and this national team player paved the way with two important goals. Now the Berlin club was already leading 10:7. Another five minutes later it was already half-time, with Hans Lindberg (3) and Fabian Wiede again increasing the score to 14:8 at the break. At no point did the guests have the chance to open the game up again with Füchse, instead, playing themselves into a frenzy. Dejan Milosavljev held one throw after the other, while the fast and easy goals were scored at the front. Then the guests had been beaten. For the first time, Füchse led by ten goals at 21-11 thanks to Hans Lindberg (42nd). From then on, the game was over, but the Berliners did not relent. From the 45th minute onwards, Fredrik Genz stepped up in goal and also distinguished himself with two saves, and captain Paul Drux was also able to celebrate his comeback. The outstanding man in goal was Milosavljev, who was the match-winner with a catch rate of over 60 per cent and 17 saves. Füchse Berlin won 32-17 (15-8) against Bergischer HC to pick up points 19 and 20 and consolidate their third place in the LIQUI MOLY HBL.

Trainer Jaron Siewert stated the following: “We didn’t start well, and we found it extremely difficult. There was a lack of flow. For me, the decisive moment was when we were able to go from 3-4 to 6-4, which gave us momentum and self-confidence. Just as we then reached half-time. Fabian Wiede absolutely deserved the game, but the others also defended well. Of course, it’s easier to explain when you end up with 60 per cent of the balls held.”

Director of Sport Stefan Kretzschmar: “In principle, of course, we are very satisfied with the game. For us, it is clear to see today what we are capable of when the squad is complete. Then we have the options to substitute, we see what kind of handball Fabi can play and what kind of difference he can make. The defence laid the foundation for Dejan’s 17 saves.”

This article was submitted by: Füchse Berlin