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We give your eyes the care and protection they need.

Our eyes are our most important sensory organ and give us unique moments every day. That’s why the health of your eyes is particularly important to us. We demand a lot of our sensitive organs of sight every day: Eighty percent of adults experience eye stress. Daily stresses such as working at a computer, air conditioning or dry heated air can promote the occurrence of severe symptoms of dry eye and even damage our sight in the long term. It is therefore important to protect ourselves from the consequences of insufficient lubrication on the surface of the eye even when we’re young. The HYLO® family of eye drops ensures intensive lubrication and can help protect our eyes from the symptoms of dry eye longer. Give your eyes the care and protection they need – show us the twinkle in your eye!

There are many reasons for eye stress.

Sources of eye stress are as diverse and individual as our modern lifestyles. Whether it’s working at a computer, wearing contact lenses, working in air conditioned offices or frequent travelling: we regularly strain our eyes, often without noticing it is happening. We only notice the daily strain on our eyes when we get burning, red or tired eyes – symptoms typical of the common condition “dry eye”.

The “digital eye disease”

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Spending a lot of time looking at screens often causes the eyes to dry out. People blink significantly less when working at a computer or looking at their smart phones than they do when doing other activities. This leads to a decreased distribution of the tear film across the surface of the eye. A study by the American organisation “The Vision Council”(1)  in October 2014 showed the impact that working on a laptop, tablet or smart phone actually has on the eyes. As part of the study, nearly 10,000 Americans were asked about their digital media consumption. Findings: “Digital eye disease”, which causes symptoms such as dry, red and painful eyes, affects the younger generation in particular. Eighty-four percent of millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) have a smartphone, and 68 percent suffer from digital eye disease. A total of 37.4 percent of these “digital natives” use at least one digital device for more than nine hours a day, and they often even use several at the same time. Patients also include children, because they spend an average of three hours a day on a computer, mobile phone or tablet(1).

About HYLO®

The products in the HYLO® family are Germany’s market leaders for combatting dry eye.(2) This product family contains a diverse range of eye lubricants and therefore offers the right product for day and night, from drops that revive tired eyes to those that hydrate to those that provide treatment, no matter how extensive the problem.

The advantages of the lubricating eye drops by HYLO® include:

  • High viscosity thanks to long-chain hyaluronic acid
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates
  • Germ-free and easy to dispense thanks to the patented COMOD® system
  • Compatible with hard and soft contact lenses
  • Very economical with at least 300 drops


The HYLO® product family offers effective lubrication, excellent tolerability and practical handling – in other words, carefully coordinated eye lubrication products. Give your eyes the care and protection they need.

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