Saarbrücken, 29.08.2021

Last Saturday HYLO® Team Saar secured the title of German champion with the day’s victory in the fourth and final competition of the 1st Bitburger 0.0% National Triathlon League on the grounds of the Hermann Neuberger Sports School and Saarland University.

The situation at the start was more exciting than it had been for a long time. Ejot Team Buschhütten, which has won the championship nine times in a row, was one point ahead after the previous competitions in Berlin, Potsdam and Nuremberg and had the same score as HYLO® Team Saar. It was thus clear that the team that outperformed its direct rival in the final in Saarbrücken would become German champion.

With Jannik Schaufler, Lasse Nygaard-Priester, Tim Hellwig and Jonas Breinlinger, team leader Micha Zimmer was able to field a very strong line-up for this team competition. The competition format for each team was a 4 x 600 m relay swim (or 650 m for the last athlete), a 20 km team bike ride and a final 5 km run. For the classification, three of the four starters had to finish, and the time of the third-placed team determined the team’s finishing time.

After the swim the HYLO® athletes took a lead of 20 seconds over hep Team Neckarsulm into the bike ride. The cycling was done in perfect team form and the direct title rival from Siegerland (Ejot Team Buschhütten) arrived at the second transition 54 seconds later in second place. Jonas Breinlinger, who put in a tremendous tactical team effort in the swim and bike, dropped out on the run course. Tim Hellwig, Lasse Nygaard-Priester and Jannik Schaufler kept this gap of almost one minute constant over the 5 km run and thus after 1:16:09 both their sovereign victory on the day and the German Team Championship 2021 became a reality. Second place went to Ejot Team Buschhütten (1:17:02) ahead of hep Team Neckarsulm (1:17:59) in third place.

In addition, Lasse Nygaard-Priester won the title of the best individual competitor in the 2021 season and Jannik Schaufler came third in this category.

The project “mission to one” began in 2011 to establish a Saarland triathlon team in the first national league. The team was promoted to the 2nd national league already in 2011 and also made the leap directly into the highest league in the following year. The team, which relies on local talents and athletes training at the Olympic Training Centre in Saarbrücken, was always able to challenge for the podium in the first national league as well. In 2021, “mission to one” took on a whole new meaning. After a perfect opening race in Berlin and two 2nd place finishes in Potsdam and Nuremberg, it was up to HYLO® Team Saar to finally complete this mission from 2011 with 1st place in the final table in 2021.

This article was submitted by: Reiner Trautmann