proWIN Volleys TV Holz

About proWIN Volleys TV Holz

High-class 2nd division volleyball with as many local players as possible – this is the objective of the proWIN Volleys of the parent club TV Holz 02 e.V., founded in 1902. The concept is working well! After all, TV Holz has been representing Saarland volleyball in Germany’s second-highest national league for six seasons now.

Volleyball is an exciting team sport that offers thrilling rallies and home matches that have the feel of an event. The club also wants to convey this image in Saarland and enthuse as many people as possible for this sport. Home games at the Hermann-Neuberger Sports School, for example, with up to 500 spectators, show that the club is on the right track. 

The volleyball department of TV Holz offers a home for everyone. Whether you want to do the sport in a performance-oriented way or see yourself more in recreational sport – no problem! In addition to the 2nd division team, the club has 4 other active teams, 12 youth teams and a leisure team. However, the proWIN Volleys are particularly committed to sustainable youth work. Over 100 children and young people experience the fun and joy of movement in weekly school clubs in the Saarbrücken Regional Association. In addition, the first-class coaches of the volleyball team develop the children and young people at an early age in the club. These many years of meticulous work are now slowly bearing fruit. The current 2nd division squad includes many players who have played for TV Holz since their youth. The 2nd team, mainly consisting of youth players, has managed to advance to the regional league. Two young talents belong to the German Volleyball Association’s junior squad and are being recommended for major volleyball boarding schools. The Saarland Volleyball Association recognised TV Holz as a female performance base – just to name a few examples. 

In addition to the away matches in the 2nd German Volleyball League, the club also presents the Saarland and Saarland Volleyball nationwide and internationally in other ways. TV Holz regularly takes on the organisation of major championships and tournaments. Every year, the proWIN Volleys host one of the largest preparation tournaments in southwest Germany. More than 16 teams from all over Germany and even from neighbouring countries accept the invitation to the state capital. It has also been possible to organise German championships in the youth and recreational sectors in recent years. 


  • 6 years of membership in the 2nd German Volleyball League
  • German Volleyball Federation Cup Round of 16 2016/2017
  • Female volleyball performance base in Saarland
  • Hermann Neuberger Award for Outstanding Youth Work 2014
  • Two young talents are currently members of the national junior squad