The excitement continues – 2nd place in nuremberg at the penultimate race of the 2021 season

Nürnberg, 08.08.2021

At the third competition of this year’s season, the 1st Bitburger 0.0% National Triathlon League made a guest appearance in Nuremberg on Sunday (08.08.2021). The HYLO Team Saar with Ian Manthey, Lasse Nygaard-Priester, Jannik Schaufler, Marc Trautmann and Chris Ziehmer went to the starting line at Woehrder Lake as the table leader.

After a 750 m swim, Marc Trautmann came out of the water in 8 minutes 57 seconds and just missed joining the first bike group. Jannik, with a swim time of 9 minutes 7 seconds, Chris (9 minutes 12 seconds) and Lasse (9 minutes 22 seconds) also found themselves in the second group after the second bike lap. During the 5 bike laps over a total of 20 km the lead of the front group shrank second by second and on the last lap it was possible to close the gap. Thus, four of the HYLO athletes headed for the running course together with the top starters from the competing teams. During the final 5km run, the athletes left the transition area and first ran along the Pegnitz River before completing two final laps at the finish area on the main market square. Lasse Priester and Anthony Pujades (Ejot Team) were able to pull away from the pack in the early kilometres. This head-to-head duel persisted until the finish line, and Pujades was able to decide the race in his favour in the last metre after a total of 51 minutes 44 seconds. Jannik Schaufler crossed the finish line in 4th place after 52 minutes 19 seconds. Further classifications for the HYLO team were Chris Ziehmer in 10th place after 52 minutes 52 seconds and Marc in 20th place after 53 minutes 40 seconds. Ian Manthey was also able to advance from the third bike group to 25th place (53 minutes 58 seconds) thanks to an excellent run.

By finishing with a score of 36 (2+4+10+20), HYLO Team Saar achieved second place behind Ejot Team Buschütten (scoring 19) and ahead of Triathlon Team DSW Darmstadt (scoring 49).

Ahead of the final competition in Saarbrücken (28.8.2021), the HYLO Team now holds 2nd place in the overall standings behind the Ejot Team Buschhütten. In this duel at the top of the table, both teams now have the same score.

The article was submitted by: Reiner Trautmann