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SVE awaiting an exciting Schalke game

SV Elversberg will face Schalke on Friday in front of 60,000 spectators – their next major challenge.

Floodlights, 60,000 spectators and FC Schalke 04 as their opponents: a few years ago this would have been a pipe dream – now it is reality. ‘We have great games on a weekly basis. Being able to play Schalke in front of 60,000 people today is definitely something special for everyone’, Horst Steffen notes. ‘We are looking forward to it. The boys have been very intent and focused this week – everyone wants to show that they want to be there.’ Schalke, who were initially in crisis mode, are now back on track with a new coach on their bench in the shape of Karel Geraerts.

‘We are facing a team with a good lineup that is also finding its feet’, Horst Steffen warns. After a defeat by Karlsruhe, the team has now chalked up two wins against Hanover and Nuremberg.

‘Two wins in a row will doubtless provide even more self-confidence’, SVE coach Steffen explains: ‘The coach can bring more and more content to the team as each week passes. And they will be very motivated, especially playing at home. I am expecting a good Schalke team, where we will need to hold our own and show our best side.’
Wahid Faghir and Marcel Correia are out with injuries.

SVE will be seeking to make their mark again after their unbeaten run. The stage is set.

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