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SVE seeking win in final away game of the season

They have achieved their goal – SV Elversberg are officially staying in the league. But they are still looking for a win in Nuremberg.

SV Elversberg had their place in the league secured before the game against Hertha BSC, but still put in a strong performance. Horst Steffen’s team want to keep this up in Nuremberg on Saturday at their final away game of the season. ‘We want to show that we have just as much focus and concentration when playing away, and we want to win the game’, Horst Steffen noted:

We are looking forward to another game, and we want to perform well in Nuremberg and win the match.

They also want to keep up with their opponents: Nuremberg are under pressure following five defeats in a row, and have not yet definitively avoided relegation. ‘I know that Nuremberg still have a lot to play for. We can expect to be facing a team that will do everything they can to beat us’, Horst Steffen said. But as has so often been the case this season, SVE will be heading into the match perfectly prepared for their opponents: ‘We really have to hold our own’, Horst Steffen explained. ‘Nuremberg have been very changeable recently in terms of their lineup and positioning. This makes it difficult to anticipate how they will play, but we plan to take that on board, perform well and keep scoring points.’

The team will be missing those with long-term injuries and Kevin Conrad’s participation is also in question, as he is struggling with calf issues. Otherwise, Horst Steffen will have the whole squad to choose from.

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