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Johannes Vetter

Johannes Vetter (born March 1993) is a German javelin thrower from Dresden. In 2020 he achieved the second-farthest throw in javelin history at 97.76 metres. Vetter, who has been training with former world-class javelin thrower Boris Obergföll (né Henry) for several years, became world champion in 2017 and is a two-time German champion and the German record holder. This track-and-field athlete is a member of LG Offenburg. Vetter lives and trains in Offenburg. He is a volunteer member of the city’s municipal council and contributes his expertise to the sport and school technical committee. This sergeant and member of the federal army’s sports promotion section in Mainz was 2020 sport soldier of the year and is a two-time athlete of the year.


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  • Year of birth1993
  • NicknameJojo
  • School educationSportgymnasium Dresden
  • ProfessionSport soldier
  • Star signAries
  • Favourite attractionDresden Frauenkirche church

Sporting successes

9th place Olympic Games
Best performance in Chorzów: second-best javelin throw ever: 97.76 metres
Gold medal German Championships, Braunschweig, 87.36 metres
Bronze medal World Championships, Doha, 85.37 metres
1st place European Throwing Cup
Bronze medal German Championships, Nuremberg, 87.83 metres
Gold medal World Championships, London, 89.89 metres
Gold medal German Championships, Erfurt, 89.35 metres
4th place Olympic Games
4th place German Championships
Silver medal European Team Championships, Cheboksary
Javelin silver medal European Team Championships, Cheboksary, 78.97 metres
7th place World Championships
4th place European U23 Championships
Silver medal German Championships, Wattenscheid, 83.12 metres
German U23 Champion
5th place German Championships
German U23 Championships runner up
5th place German U23 Championships
9th place German Throwing Championships
10th place German Junior Championships
9th place German Junior Championships
15th place German U18 Junior Championships

URSAPHARM has been supporting my development as an elite athlete for more than a decade. There have been highs and lows, but never any pressure. I would like to thank all involved for this unquestioning faith.

– Johannes Vetter

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Johannes Vetter FAQs

After a lengthy shoulder injury, Vetter is back to daily training for the end of the 2023 season. He will use the winter break to prepare for the new season. Johannes Vetter is confident about qualifying for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Johannes Vetter was already an excellent rounders thrower in primary school. He enjoyed throwing pine cones to his father when out hiking. He discovered track-and-field athletics at the age of six and began throwing the javelin at 13. He was not initially viewed as a major young talent. Federal coach Boris Obergföll was the first to recognise Johannes Vetter’s huge talent, and in 2014 brought him to Offenburg, where he encouraged him and spurred him on to countless successes.

Johannes Vetter was born in Dresden and grew up in the Leubnitz-Neuostra district of the city.

Johannes Vetter’s childhood sporting idol was seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher.

Johannes Vetter trains five or six times a week. This is generally split into two time-consuming technical sessions (approx. 3 to 3.5 hours each), two strength sessions and two general full-body sessions (tackling multiple muscle groups in a single training session).

Johannes Vetter still fondly remembers his title at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London. He also has happy memories of his record performance in 2020 with 97.76 metres, and his successful 2021 season, when he threw over the 90-metre mark twelve times.

Johannes Vetter wants to break the world record of 98.84 metres set by Jan Železný in 1996. His stated goal is #mission100. Johannes Vetter also wants to win an Olympic gold medal.

Javelin combines various track-and-field disciplines that you would not initially expect. The run-up is a sprint at a speed of around 25 kilometres per hour. Upon releasing the throw, the throwing leg is bearing a weight of around 1000 kg. Johannes Vetter must do daily strength training in order to handle this exceptional stress and load.

Johannes Vetter is passionately involved in local politics. He has been a member of the Offenburg municipal council since 2019.

Years ago, Johannes Vetter described himself as ‘impatient and stubborn’. He now says that he is much calmer and more relaxed in dealing with stressful situations.

As well as intensive javelin training, Johannes Vetter likes to go hiking in his spare time. His other hobbies include cycling and badminton.

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